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Everest: Conquering Automated Solutions One Process at a Time

Everest enables programmers to design business applications through forms, automated workflow, data and reports.

Need help getting started?

To learn more about Everest and its capabilities, please contact Tracie Potthoff (tpotthoff@fa.ua.edu).

Everest User FAQ’s

What is Everest?

Everest is the UA’s branding for the K2® suite of tools implemented by Finance and Operations IT.  More about K2® can be found at www.k2.com.

Will I use Everest?

There is a good chance you will use Everest by participating in a business process originating from Finance and Operations IT.  Examples of Everest workflows currently in production are the UA eTime Approver/TimeKeeper Change Request, Project Initiation Request, and Finance and Operations Network Access Request.

You may also submit requests for new workflows to be built on Everest by contacting  The Office of Information Technology  Project Management Office. 

How do I participate in an Everest workflow?

You can join an Everest workflow in two ways:

  • If you are initiating a workflow, you will have been instructed to click on a specified link from another UA site (i.e., mybama.ua.edu, payroll.ua.edu, estus.fa.ua.edu).
  • If you are a participant in a workflow and have been assigned a work item, you will either receive an email with a direct link OR you can monitor your worklist with K2 Workspace (described in detail below).  If you are an Finance and Operations  employee or have been granted access to ESTUS as a non-FO employee, you can access your worklist through ESTUS.

How do I login to Everest if I’m participating in an automated workflow?

When participating in an Everest automated workflow process, you will be directed to the login screen below.  From here, you will enter your MyBama login credentials to access your workflow action items.

What is the “K2 Workspace” and how do I use it?

K2 Workspace (https://everest.fa.ua.edu/workspace/) is a browser based interface that enables users to manage their worklist.  Every workflow item assigned to you and awaiting you to take action appears in your worklist.  To login, as mentioned above, you will use your MyBama username and password and will also need to specify a Security Label. K2LDAP is the MyBama Security Label.

Once logged into the K2 Workspace, how can I open a work item?

Once logged in, you will see all the work items that are currently assigned to you.  You can open a work item by clicking on the down arrow that appears to the right when you hover over the item Folio and select Open, or by highlighting the item and double-clicking.