Unique User ID’s and passwords are issued to new staff members upon request from the hiring manager. User ID’s generally consist of the user’s first initial of their first name and their full last name. Exceptions can occur when user ID’s are duplicated due to matching names.

User ID’s and passwords are not to be shared with anyone. This includes not only people external to an employee’s department, but also people from within an employee’s department. Employees are expected to protect their individual User ID and password from unauthorized use.

Passwords will be set to expire every ninety (90) days. This is to protect the confidentiality of passwords. The system will notify a user upon login that their password is about to expire and give them the option to change it at that time. The system will keep a history of the past six (6) used passwords by user and will not allow the user to reuse a previously used password. Passwords should be chosen that are not easy for someone else to guess. Examples of poor passwords would include family member names, birthdates, and a pet’s names.

The following requirements must be met for a password to be accepted:

  • Is not based on the user’s account name.
  • Contains at least eight characters.
  • Contains characters from three of the following four categories:
    1. Uppercase alphabet characters (A–Z)
    2. Lowercase alphabet characters (a–z)
    3. Arabic numerals (0–9)
    4. Non-alphanumeric characters (for example, !$#,%)

Users will only be permitted to change their password when it is time for the password to expire. If a user suspects that someone else may know their password, they are to contact Finance and Operations IT at (jhill@ua.edu) so that the password can be reset.

Passwords are set to be automatically disabled if there are three repetitive attempts to login with an invalid password.

When an employee leaves the Division of Finance and Operations, it is the manager’s responsibility to notify Finance and Operations IT (jhill@ua.edu) in order to have the user’s access disabled.